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Why Donate?

Thanks for your interest in sending us a donation.

It is people like you that enable us to function constantly to serve at our best possible level for the interests of all people.
Psycho-Genomics Research Institute is:
    - a non profit charity.
    - a Deductible Gift Recipient for Australian tax purposes, and
    - an Income Tax Exempt Charity for Australian tax purposes.

Donatee Levels

Gold ($AUS10,000)
Silver ($AUS3,000)
Bronze ($AUS2,500)
Meritorious (Below $AUS1,500)

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Future directions

After over four years of research, workshops and discussion session to over 500 individuals, launch of its e-survey and wellbeing monitor and other analysis of fields of enquiry, it now is looking for help to undertake its research findings.

The help sought includes financial or in-kind assistance to prepare a business plan, to prepare the NSW Cancer Institute Ethics Committee approval documentation, setting up the structure of the organisation necessary to undertake the research and obtaining grants and other necessary funding to undertake the research. We seek your support financially and/or through research associations or partnerships to fund and progress our program.

We seek your support by passing on information about this initiative to others who may have an interest or in encouraging volunteers to participate in our tests and trials as they come on line. More specifically, we are seeking individuals and organisations interested in establishing a professional and dedicated structure that includes a research development officer, finance officer, medical practitioners and access to genome wide testing facilities and related funding initially estimated at $500,000.

As part of developing our research framework, we will continue to provide reports of our research, such as the article “Stressors, psycho-genomic pathways and cancer”, so that others may also be able to carry out and expand our research.

In the future, we foreshadow that our research, and that of many others to follow, will produce a range of psycho-genomic remedies and treatments, each of which will consist of treatments that contain an integration of psychology, psychosocial, physiology and genomics

Expressions of interest in our research program

If you would like information on any of the following areas of our research program please complete and send the completed expressions of interest form.

Expressions of interest form

        Psycho-genomic cancer research and our program 
        Setting up a psycho-genomic research facility or center
        Engaging with us and/or others in partnerships or other research relationships 
        Providing grants to our research program       
        Making tax deductible donations (Australia)    
        Making donations (outside of Australia)
        Membership of our organisation 
        Providing in-kind support to facilitate our program    
        Fundraising events or activities       
        Any other forms of assistance to action our program    

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