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Psycho-Genomics Research Institute

New front to fight cancers


The Psycho-Genomics Research Institute has been established to encourage and develop psycho-genomic research in order to explore these links and identify better, broader and innovative new methods of preventing and treating cancer. 
We are establishing the new cancer research front of psycho-genomics. Various experiments and clinical research have identified links between psychological, psychosocial, environmental factors and genes which may provide some bases for treatment and prevention of cancers. 

In psycho-genomics research we take an integrated approach to prevent and treat cancers, taking into account different cancers and our psychology, emotional expression & processing, psychosocial, environmental, physiology, DNA, genes and genomic pathways.

In the future, we foreshadow that our research, and that of many others to follow, will produce a range of psycho-genomic remedies and treatments, each of which will consist of treatments that contain an integration of psychology, psychosocial, physiology and genomics.

You can help!

After over four years of research, workshops and discussion sessions to over 500 individuals, launch of its e-survey and wellbeing monitor and other analysis of fields of enquiry, we are now looking for help to undertake its psycho-genomics research findings through your financial assistance, research associations or partnerships to fund and progress its findings.

Thank you for taking the time to find out about our initiative to minimize the ravages of cancers and develop psycho-genomic approaches to greater enhanced cancer treatment and prevention strategies.


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Support the Psycho Genomics Research Institute (Cancer Research) by taking a look at the Research Paper and Research Clinical Trial Proposal

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Cancer research clinical trial proposal

We are seeking researchers that are interested in advancing our research into a clinical trial. Goto our draft research proposal through at this link.

The research is to identify if there are any different and measurable genome RNA expression changes and/or impacts following a psychological intervention on selected cancer patients compared to a non-cancer control group.

Dr Richard Eek, MBCHB MMED FCP FRACP, Medical Oncologist/Conjoint Lecturer Border Medical Oncology / University of New South Wales about this PhD request, noted “I think your proposal is both exciting and relevant and needs consideration.”

The research proposal discusses that the clinical trial will consist of using a previously trialed psychological/ psychosocial cancer intervention, extending that to include RNA genomic analysis and measuring any RNA changes/impacts against a control group.

Participants will be cancer patients and a non-cancer control group. The number of participants required will be a statistically validated sample.


Various experiments and clinical research have identified links between stressors and psychological, psychosocial, environmental factors and genes/genome which may provide a basis for treatment and prevention of cancers. These are discussed in the paper:

"Stressors, psycho-genomic pathways and cancers - identifying psychological, psychosocial, physiological, environmental and genomic pathways to prevent and treat cancers" Go to the paper here.

The evidence presented demonstrates some relationships across psychological, psychosocial, environmental and gene pathways and cancer. While not determinative, the evidence provides opportunities for further high quality research in what is a psycho-genomic structure.

For further information, contact Theo Richter, President, Psycho Genomics Research Institute at PO Box 3218, Albury NSW 2640, Australia or email him (Please visit contact page)


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